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The Asphalt Contractor You Should Hire for Crack Sealing

As asphalt ages, cracks will begin to appear. Although cracks may seem unnoticeable and too trivial for us to care about, moisture and water will seep through these cracks over time. This causes the damage to spread. For this reason, no one should neglect the first signs of cracking, especially for their asphalt installations. Call an asphalt contractor right away to have this fixed!

Here at Epling Construction & Asphalt Maintenance, we have grown to be a reliable asphalt contractor in the local community of Talbott, TN and its surrounding areas. With over 16 years of experience, we specialize in asphalt installation, maintenance, and repair. So when you’re in need of a professional to take care of cracks, we’re the right choice!

Crack sealing is a cost-effective procedure we offer our customers. Most view crack sealing as an easy DIY procedure. However, without the right expertise and equipment, this simple task can turn into something disastrous. Many would even end up spending more than they originally planned. Taking advantage of our crack sealing service gives you the opportunity to have quality repairs without spending too much.

When taking care of asphalt cracks, we follow certain procedures. First, we prepare. From assessing to cleaning, preparing is an important step to ensure a smooth and clean asphalt installation. After which, our experts will apply the mixture. Applying the mixture takes precision and confidence. Since our team has been doing this far longer than any amateur or DIYer has, you can expect they’ll handle this professional. Lastly, we’ll smoothen and clean the vicinity, making sure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

Our team handles both residential and commercial crack sealing. Moisture and water damage can’t be avoided. That’s why Epling Construction & Asphalt Maintenance is always ready to cater to your every need in Talbott, TN. For more information about our crack sealing services, feel free to call us at (865) 213-7011 now!


Our Reliable Asphalt Company That Provides Patching Services

Potholes are known to be one of the major structural failures in a surface – including asphalt surfaces. Primarily caused by poor installations, this structural damage can cause the loss of appeal and functionality of any asphalt driveway, parking lot, or walkway. Here at Epling Construction & Asphalt Maintenance, we understand that each of your asphalt installation is a huge investment for your property in Talbott, TN; that’s why our asphalt company proudly offers a solution – patching!

Asphalt patching is a complex task that involves removing and replacing a certain part of an asphalt pavement. Instead of filling or any other procedure, there are many reasons why patching is the right treatment for potholes.

First off, asphalt patching protects your investment. Whether you’ve got a driveway or a parking lot, chances are, you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars for installations. It will be a huge waste if you’ll be thoughtless about potholes. Not only will they cause more damage to the exterior, they will also damage the interior, leading to the complete deterioration of your structure. Protect your investment through the right method; patching is the best way to deal with this problem.

Additionally, patching can be applied fast. Unlike removing and replacing portions of your asphalt driveway, patching will won’t take more than a day or two to complete. As we have continuously provided our asphalt service for years, our honed skills will ensure this, provided there are no obstructions to the project.

Most of all, it will help you save money. Let’s face it: repairs are costly, especially if there are many concerns. Through an efficient and fast resolution to potholes, you can minimize the chances of other problems from manifesting.

Without the right knowledge and materials for patching, it can turn a simple DIY procedure into a costly repair; so when you spot potholes on your surface, call our asphalt company right away. We’ll assess the problem and provide the necessary resolution, and we don’t leave without your complete satisfaction.

For details or a no-obligation quote for our asphalt services in Talbott, TN, feel free to call Epling Construction & Asphalt Maintenance at (865) 213-7011 today!

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